A clean skincare line, inspired by family.


The Rasmi journey started in 2014 when our youngest sister suffered from painful hives and eczema. Several visits to dermatologists later, our sister was prescribed various creams and oral prescriptions to minimize the itching and to help soothe her irritated skin.

Not long after, the prescribed solutions were no longer effective in soothing her skin. It was then, that as a family, we collectively started to do research on the ingredients in these products and why they were no longer effective.

I remember all of us staying up at night in horror when we found out about all the toxic chemicals and preservatives listed in the ingredients of these products. All of which contained parabens, phthalates and various other toxic chemicals.

 Where can one find 100% natural products for sensitive, rash prone skin?

The next day, our mom enrolled in a natural skincare school and graduated with the tools needed to find the solution for our sister.

The first product she formulated, a velvety and rich body butter, can almost be described as life changing as the painful rashes and hives were no longer an issue for our sister. Seeing the results it made on her skin thrilled us and we started to work on formulating custom skincare products for her sensitive skin.  

Soon, word spread about our skincare products in our neighborhood and not long after, we had neighbors knocking on our door asking for custom formulas for their skin.

One night, our next door neighbor knocked on our door asking us for our website so his cousins in Toronto can order some products. We told him that we're not selling our products and he looked at us in disbelief, chuckled and said: "get on top of it then because I have family members waiting to order." 

Our family launched Rasmi Skincare in December 2017 with an aim to produce ethically sourced, clean and luxurious products.  We designed Rasmi Skincare for those who are conscious about what goes into their skin and want beautiful skin without added toxic substances. 

More importantly, we know how hard it is to access high end and natural products formulated with the highest quality of ingredients that are affordable. Our aim is to make high end natural skincare accessible for all.